MDS Records

In the MDS History Mast window, multiple MDS records (rows) for a particular resident can appear. MDS records are grouped by admission date and are listed chronologically. Colors are used to help distinguish the state of the MDS record. Window content is described in the table.


Account Selector

Meaning / Description

Search for:

Used to lookup a different resident by last name. Input a portion of the last name and click enter to display the Accounts(s) Lookup window. This method of displaying a different resident does not start another instance of the MDS application.


Displays the Accounts(s) Lookup window to select a different resident.


Positions at the first resident in the group of selected residents.


Positions at the resident in the selected group immediately preceding the current resident.


Positions at the resident in the selected group immediately after the current resident.


Positions at the last resident in the group of selected residents.


When selected displays the scheduled MDS records for the resident.


Button Bar

Meaning / Description


Displays the Log Form window in which changes for an MDS record are displayed.


The ALL red button indicates scores (CAAs, RUGs CMI and ADL) have not been calculated. Clicking the button initiates score calculation and error checking which must be performed in order to lock the MDS record.


The ALL grey button means score calculations have been performed. Future saved changes turns the button red.


Click to display the Print Forms dialog box.


Click to display the RAI Manual help file.


Click to display the MDS online help.


Current Account Status

Meaning / Description


Resident's last name and first name.

Medical Rec No.

Resident medical record number. This number is unique to each resident and does not change.


Resident's identification number, which changes for each new admission.


The Federal RUGs score.

Fed NT

The Federal Non-Therapy score.


The State score.

State Alt

State Alternative score - if applicable.


ADL score.


Action Buttons

Meaning / Description


The QI/QM button displays a report. At the time of this writing this has not been developed by CMS for version 3.0.


Opens the New Record window to create a new MDS record irrespective of any scheduled MDS.


Opens the New Schedule Record window to input a significant change in status.


Removes the highlighted MDS record. Select the row you wish to remove and respond Yes in the confirmation dialog in order to successfully delete the record. Only Active records can be deleted.


Caution! An active record that has been deleted can not be restored. Only an MDS record with a Submitted status can be restored.


Opens the New Record window and is used to insert an MDS record based on the current schedule. This feature is available only if an MDS record with a Status of Scheduled has been selected.


Click for the MDS Inactivation Confirmation dialog to inactivate the selected MDS and specify an inactivation reference date. Only records whose Status is Submitted can be inactivated.


Displays the MDS Correction Confirmation dialog to correct a previously submitted and accepted MDS state submission record. Specify a correction request reference date. Only a Submitted MDS can be modified. Once you click OK the Status of the record changes to Corrected and a new record is created with a pencil icon image143.gif. Only certain sections are available for Modified records.


Invokes MDS data entry screens (MDS History Entry window). Double clicking the row of the particular MDS record displays this same window.


Opens the care area assessment worksheet window. Previously this was known as RAP. The two are equivalent.


Locks an MDS record whose status is green Active. When clicked, a confirmation will appear prompting you to update the file. Once confirmed, a reminder to verify the information on Forms 672 and 802 is displayed. Upon successful locking of the record, the status indicates Locked.


Force locks an MDS record. This is used in cases where you are unable to otherwise lock the record do to the system erroneously indicating an error condition or you wish to submit the record regardless of a legitimate error. You must respond Yes in the confirmation dialog. Once confirmed, the status indicates F/Locked.


Unlocks an MDS record that is currently locked. Unlocking changes the status to red Active.


In the case of records that are currently forced locked, you must first confirm your intention to unlock. If an MDS record is rejected by the state database unlocking can be used to change the status from Submitted to Active and is the only circumstance in which this is allowed.


Opens the Edit Record window to edit an existing MDS active record. Typically, this is used as a convenience when you simply need to change basic MDS information that was input at the time the MDS was created.


Opens the Log Form window to view changes for this assessment. This is typically used for internal auditing purposes.


Stops the MDS application. Other running MDS instances are not closed. MDS records are automatically saved if the application is closed without first saving information.



Meaning / Description

Target Date

Indicates the Assessment Reference Date (ARD) of the MDS. The term ARD has been superseded by Target Date. This change of language also appears in the Validation Reports and in the RAI Manual.


Item Subset Code used to identify the type of MDS. Within nursing homes, valid ISC values are NP (nursing home PPS), NC (nursing home comprehensive) and NT (nursing home tracking). This field was known as Record Type in version 2.0.


Ombudsman Reformation Act. MDS is performed for all residents regardless of the pay source.


Specifies the periodicity of the MDS record. If the resident is on medicare, the Prospective Payment System (PPS) is used in addition to OBRA.


PPS Other Medicare Required Assessment. This is new for MDS version 3.0.

Entry / Disch

Entry and discharge information. This is new for MDS version 3.0.


Status of the MDS record. When an MDS is first created it appears red Active because section data is missing. As the MDS record progresses by means of updates, the record eventually displays green Active and can then be Locked. The MDS must be Locked to be included in the batch submission file that is subsequently transmitted to the state database. A status of Submitted indicates the record is included in the submission file that is transmitted to the state database. A status of Scheduled indicates a scheduled MDS records exist for this resident. A status of F/Locked indicates the record has been forced locked. A status of Billed indicates the record is saved only in the billing file and is not included in the submission file.


When the validation process is used, this column displays a green check mark if the record is accepted, a yellow check mark if the record is accepted with warnings and a red cross if the record is rejected.


MDS records are numbered sequentially - within each version - as they are created.


Resource Utilization Group Scores.


When a check mark appears, this indicates that the record is in the zip submission file.


When a check mark appears, this indicates that the record is in the bi3 billing flat file either during submission or validation.


When a check mark appears, this indicates that PPS is considered 99 (Not PPS) only in the zip submission file. These types of records are recalculated before being saved into a file.


Panel Viewer

Meaning / Description

Submission File

The name of the mds file that contained this record when it was submitted to the state database.

Created by / on:

The name of the person as determined by the log on credentials who created the MDS record. Also indicates the month, day and year the record was created.