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Admits / Discharges / Transfers

Controlling Your Daily Census Control

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Daily Census processing is the central function for providing accurate information for the other modules to bill and provide services for the patient. Once data is entered all departments and personnel have immediate access to the patient clinical and financial information. The Daily Census tracks the patient/resident movement and changes in paysource information such as: Admissions, Discharges, Bed Retention, Leaves, and Transfers. This information is critical and needed by all related modules as Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, MDS, Care Planning, Pharmacy, and Dietary.

Extensive Central Database

Over two thousand of fields of data can be colleted for a patient. While only a few fields are required to bill, the additional fields create a compete profile of the patient and are used to automate the entire patient record.

The information captured by this module can be combined with the FreeForm program to automatic fill=-out and print necessary forms. FreeForm is capable of accessing the any data elements that are stored in the patient database.

Define Your Own Data Elements

Add your own unique fields of information, by adding fields to the database the database, without needing a programmer. for including the new fields on forms see the description on the FreeForm Pro module.

Adjust Census Retroactively

The system supports corrections to the Census for prior period, and and automatically adjusts census reports and statistics to reflect the changes. These adjustments are automatically carried through to the Financial Statements to correct per-Patient per-Day figures.

Print Census Summaries and Stay Reports

Census Summary Reports can be printed on-demand. Use the Summary information to cross-check the Bills with the billable patient days or monitor the facility occupancy rates to quickly spot adverse trends in intake or marketing efforts.

In addition, registration generate your statistical summaries required for annual cost reports and surveys.

Historical Information

Every status change, every admission, discharge, and transfer, is journalized to a history file for for reporting and statistical analysis. A complete log of the changes can be viewed on screen or printed.

Bed Hold/Leave of Absence

Define your facilities Census rules to validate and issue warning if the rules are not being followed.

Flexible Face Sheets

Face sheets are automatically printed by the Census programs, complete with resident data. Choose from many available formats or add your own custom forms.

Report Selection Criteria

All reports provide multiple selection and sort options. For example, select and printer by resident name, number, location, Social Security Number, medical record number, and more.

Key Features:

  • Daily Census
  • Resident Master
  • Census Summaries
  • Room / Bed Control
  • Face sheet
  • Admission Logs
  • Auto-R&B Charges
  • Discharge Logs
  • Stay Analysis
  • Errors/Warnings
  • Retro-Changes


  • Admissions
  • Discharges
  • Bed Holds
  • Bed Retention
  • Expected Discharges
  • Level of Care
  • LOA's
  • Paysources
  • Services
  • Transfers Room
  • Transfers Facility
  • Vacancies

Integrated modules:

Accounts Receivable
General Ledger
FreeForm Professional
Financial Statements
Nursing Home Billing

Reporting Tools:

Crystal Reports
Contour Decision Cube

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